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  Do you know what sensitive information about your company users are faxing to the outside world?  Whether intended or otherwise, information vital to your business could be in the hands of someone else.  Not too long ago, while we were the intended recipient, clearly the incorrect document was sent to us.  A document detailing the vehicle registration, owner, owner address, and security codes for satellite vehicle tracking.  This document not only potentially equipped us with the information on how to disarm the tracking on these vehicles, but where we could locate them too.  Had this information fallen into the wrong hands, the vehicle tracking company would have found itself legally liable for the potential theft of thousands of vehicles, not to mention the public embarrassment and mistrust that would have ensued.  Fortunately, due to our diligent and stringent policies, this document was destroyed.  To date, the company in question, has never inquired about our receipt of this document.

Information on sent and received faxes such as subject matter, contact information, title of sent document, and document type can be vital in reducing the vulnerability of an organisation to a security breach.

Security aside, facsimile transmissions cost your enterprise money.  VSA RAMpage 2009 can calculate the telephony charges for outbound faxes and printing costs for inbound faxes, also applying custom-defined billing mechanisms if necessary.  In the reports you will see an overview of each outgoing fax, including information on who sent the fax, on which date and at what time, recipient details, billing code used, call duration, number of pages, fax line it was sent on, cost, and whether the fax failed or was successful - allowing you to keep track of all outgoing faxes and manage the costing for each fax, user, or recipient.


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