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  Even as companies implement tougher and more detailed policies for the use and control of phones, faxes, e-mail, and other communications tools, many suspect that abuse of these resources remains a problem. Just as access to these tools can enhance productivity, they can just as easily detract from it.

Whether your communications solution comprises legacy, hybrid, VoIP or a combination of types of voice equipment, VSA RAMpage 2009 can allocate usage and costs to a directory of users, organisation units or cost centres, and provide comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use reporting tools that will empower your enterprise to prevent productivity loss, improve the customer contact experience, and immediately evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your most mission-critical resources.

By capturing and transforming static data from any enterprise PBX or telephony switching device, and costing, consolidating, and meaningfully presenting the information in an array of analytical reports - VSA RAMpage 2006 can identify call traffic patterns, peak usage times, bandwidth, and hardware requirements all essential for accurate capacity planning, resource allocation, and system security.


Some examples of how resource accounting and management software can be used include:

  • Determining calling patterns enables you to implement the most effective Least Cost Routing (LCR) solution, ensuring you subscribe to the networks that best suite your needs, and that you utilise their services at the cheapest times.

  • Graphical analyses of trunk usage to an accuracy of one minute will assist you in establishing whether calls are lost due to insufficient capacity or if some trunks can be removed due to redundancy;

  • Monitoring operator response times will indicated how long customers wait in the queue, impacting on their call experience with your organisation.  Did they give up and abandon the call?  Were they redirected to another operator as their call remained unanswered?  Are you short staffed and overloaded with call traffic?  VSA RAMpage 2006 can help you determine the answers to these questions.


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